And as many great music stories CAPITANO started out as a highly energetic friendship between two very vibrant characters.


JOHN WHO!? - Canadian born, German raised, half Norwegian child of the universe -
is the extroverted entertainment captain with both a musical and artistic range that turns heads to the point of ripping. FUZZ SANTANDER is the Berlin raised brains and bones of the band, fueled by the fallout of his troublesome years of adolescence and equipped with street smarts that would last several lifetimes.


Together they build a visual, artistic and highly entertaining music genre that one could call independent cherrypicking. CAPITANO is influenced by everything, but follows no one. Not always easy to grasp, but catchy from the very first note, they like to see CAPITANO as an idea before it‘s time.


It's the very idea to move past the picture you draw of yourself, wearing the mask you would like to wear. David Bowie would agree when CAPITANO says:

Sometimes the only way to take off your mask is to wear one.

Behind the mask, CAPITANO is the sanctuary playground for true identities to unfold. On stage and in between eardrums.


Together with their long time friend Dyve Diamond on drums, John and Fuzz set up their very own playground in a monastery town far off the grid  - to unfold all their weirdness, beauty and creativity.


HI! is the result. Eleven tracks that each on their own shine a light on the same question from different perspectives, only to find ambiguous answers. Waltz, Flamenco, Gypsy-Pop, Classic Rock, Indie-Pop and all that follows: CAPITANO does not aim for a genre or gender commitment. The answer justifies the means.


In its quest, HI! is the artistic involvement with the own self, own identity and own conditions. HI! is the grand opening of a new artist looming on the horizon of the essential questions to life, only to release himself and a deeply uncertain world from purpose and meaning in a delirious ritual dance.

HI! is CAPITANOS inner acceptance head butting the expectations of society. Honest, emotional and liberating songs narrating nothing less than an own sense of truth and reality.


With renowned artists like BAND OF SKULLS, LE BUTCHERETTES, DE STAAT, THE ORWELLS, COHEED & CAMBRIA, MASTODON, MONSTER MAGNET & MILLIARDEN being compelled enough to collaborate and perform together with this peculiar sprout, CAPITANO started to make circles in the music industry. And the waves keep rolling ...